Rob King is a designer living and working in Washington, DC. His design process focuses on the distillation of messages: removing the unnecessary and emphasizing the crucial — resulting in the strongest, most memorable visual communication possible. 

Rob’s work reflects a commitment to the clarity of Modernism, informed by a profound interest in design history. Evocative typography is a key component of his design. He is particularly inspired by Swiss Modern design principles and the trailblazing work of Josef-Muller Brockmann and the timeless brilliance of Massimo Vignelli. Rob was fortunate enough to study with Vignelli at the Master Designer Workshop held at RIT’s Vignelli Center for Design Studies in 2013.

Rob holds a Master’s degree in Communication Design from New York’s Pratt Institute and has completed advanced coursework at the School of Visual Arts. His instructors included Bob Gill and James Victore.

In addition to independent consulting work, Rob is an adjunct faculty member at the Art Institute of Washington, where he periodically teaches a foundation course in typography.
He is also the consulting creative director of The Modernist Collection, a gallery specializing in curated collections of vintage architectural photography.

Rob’s clients have included:
• Greenpeace
• The Discovery Channel
• National Building Museum
• Marriott International
• U.S. Department of State
• Hearst Magazines